Stop burning the midnight oil.

It’s a common scene. Physicians working late after their shifts, spending up to 30% of their time doing documentation and other non-medical tasks. It’s a burden that distracts from what led physicians to the profession in the first place—patient care—and causes lower job satisfaction, lower quality of life, and shortened careers.

Percentage of Physician Time Spent

Let doctors be doctors

Physicians should practice medicine, not typing. Your focus should be on patients, not computer screens. Medical scribes are the answer. A great medical scribe is both your professional assistant and your documentation expert, taking care of all your non-medical and administrative tasks, charting in real-time at the bedside so that your documentation is finished when you leave the patient room.

Happier patients (and more of them)

Adding Precision Scribes to your team allows you to focus on your patients. You’ll see more patients per hour, wait times (and LWOTs) will decrease, leading to higher patient satisfaction scores. And by keeping your focus on patients and only patients, it stands to reason that over the long-term patient outcomes will improve. All of this adds up to an increase in income and profit.

Percentage of Physician Time Spent Without Medical Scribes

Enjoy your job, and do it longer

With a trusted medical scribe at your side, you can focus on all the tasks you want to do and none of the tasks you don’t. You’ll finish your shift on time and go home more satisfied. And relieved of the needless burden of administration, you might just decide to put off retirement a little longer.

You’ll get 20–30% of your time back

(How would you like to spend it?)

Your investment in medical scribes will give you back that 30% of time you’re spending on non-medical tasks. How you choose to use that time is up to you. You could increase your income by seeing more patients; you could enjoy the satisfaction of devoting more time to each patient; or you could just leave work on time and invest that time in your family and friends. But whatever you do with your newfound time, you won’t be spending it in the office filling out charts.

Medical Scribes Give You 20-30% of Your Time Back

Why aren’t you using medical scribes?

If you aren’t using scribes yet, you should be. We look forward to offering you a free consultation to explain in more detail how scribes will make you more productive, more effective, and more satisfied in your professional.

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