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Our full scribe program allows us to:



Our Process

We adapt our scribe program to the varying needs of facilities, specialties, and provider preferences, rather than applying a single model to such a diverse field. In order to determine and outline the benefits of establishing scribes in your medical facility, a consultant from Precision Scribes will schedule a time with your site’s decision maker(s) to introduce our program and explore the potential relationship.

Consider a few of the most common goals and concerns we are approached with:

  • Reducing risk of physician burnout
  • Improving documentation quality
  • Facilitating patient flow
  • Increasing revenue
  • Creating an opportunity to see more patients per day
  • Managing a high volume of wellness visits, such as VATICA

Our consultant will do an evaluation to determine the most significant area(s) our scribe program can impact and make recommendations as to how best we can manage those needs.

Precision Scribes is responsible for finding, acquiring, scheduling, training, and managing the talented scribes essential to the success of our program. We primarily hire students who are pursuing a career in the medical field, such as pre-med, pre-PA, nursing, and so forth. This combines a background in medical terminology and anatomy with a passion for medicine, promoting a more valuable healthcare experience for both patients and providers. Because our scribes are members of your healthcare team, we work with office managers, administrators, providers, and other staff to ensure that our scribes are trained in proper protocols, policies, and practices specific to their assigned facility.

Once the Precision Scribes hiring team has identified and hired qualified candidates, our local managers work with the appropriate office staff and Human Resources manager(s) to complete and submit any required medical checks, vaccination records, drug screenings, ID badges, security logins, etc. The manager typically introduces the new candidate to facility personnel and the Provider to whom he or she will be assigned. Our managers make every effort to structure the schedule so that Providers work with the same scribe as consistently as possible. This creates stability in expectations, personality compatibility, and documentation preferences.

Initial training of new scribes is 2-fold: online didactic training and preceptorship.

We  remotely recruit candidates who demonstrate the qualifications and experience we believe will sustain our high standards of excellence.  They are young, ambitious paraprofessionals looking for meaningful medical experience. Once hired, scribes complete online training over the course of several weeks before transitioning to the preceptorship. 

We adapt our scribe program to the varying needs of facilities, specialties, and provider preferences, rather than applying a single model to such a diverse field.  Although challenging, this is what we are best at. 


Chart Prep

Scribes review the schedule in advance and gather pertinent information for the patient’s upcoming visit.  With this information prepared for the provider before the patient encounter, valuable time is saved and the patient receives quality care with updated information.

Accurate Documentation

We can all agree that entering the correct information into the patient’s chart is imperative.  We also believe that WHO enters the information is imperative.  The provider’s time is valuable. They are highly trained to treat patients. Proper allocation of time and resources results in efficient workflow and makes financial sense. Precision Scribes assisting physicians with time-consuming documentation and non-medical tasks makes sense.

Non-Medical Tasks

Scribes are proactive and are excited to be in a clinical setting and enjoy anything that they can do to help expedite patient flow. While providers give direction to their staff, scribes can stay focused on the patients that need to be seen, documentation required, clerical work, and any other non-medical task that frees up the provider to give direct patient care.


Connect with us to arrange a free consultation and allow us to determine how Precision Scribes can help your business achieve its full potential.