Use your limited resources more effectively

When Precision Scribes joins your team, we take the burden of all non-medical tasks away from the physicians and nurses, and allow them to focus on patient care. Real-time charting by our medical scribes lets each physician see more patients per hour, and the more focused attention we give to the chart leads to higher-quality documentation and greater RVUs reimbursed per patient. Physicians finally have the time to devote more attention to patients, which should, over the long term, lead to better patient outcomes. All of this comes from transferring non-medical tasks from your highest-paid employees (the physicians) to scribes who cost a fraction of the amount.

One study revealed that physicians averaged 27% of their time on direct clinical care (face time with patients) and incredibly 49.2% of their time was allocated to EHR and desk work!  This equates to physicians spending two hours of indirect patient care for every one hour of direct patient care. A significant portion of this indirect patient care can be completed by someone other than the physician! Under these circumstances, if the physician were paid an hourly rate, 29.52 minutes of that hour would be dedicated to work that doesn’t generate money.

Time spent documenting


Time spent with patient


Medical scribes are a profit center

When taken together, more patients per hour, higher reimbursements per patient visit, and better outcomes lead to dramatic increases in revenue and profits. All of this means that an investment in scribes begins paying off immediately. Your medical team will work more efficiently and more effectively, leading to higher revenues, lower costs, and greater profits, all from a modest investment. Scribes are one of the best investments you'll ever make.

Happier patients and a happier you

Beyond the very real financial returns that come with an investment in scribes, you'll also see improvements in more intangible, though no less important, measurements. Freed from non-medical drudgery, your physicians will be more satisfied and better rested. They'll be able to see more patients per hour, resulting in lower wait times and reduced LWOTs. This all culminates in the most important thing of all: a better experience for your patients, who will reward you with higher patient satisfaction scores.

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