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Surviving the Emergency Room, Part 3: The Inner Sanctum

In Part 1 and Part 2 of our “Survival Guide to the Emergency Room,” you were registered, triaged, assigned a severity code, and had a chance to enjoy the amenities offered in the waiting room. And then your name is called. It’s time—you’re going in! You’re about to find out what goes on in the ER, behind those locked double doors with the frosted glass windows. Now we’re talking….

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Surviving the Emergency Room, Part 2: What To Expect When You Arrive

Welcome to the next installment of “Surviving the Emergency Room,” a user’s guide to what can be an intimidating and sometimes frightening experience. In Part 1 of this series, we talked about the best times to go to the emergency room, assuming your problem is such that you actually have the luxury to choose. In this part, we’ll cover what to expect once you’re there. When you first arrive…

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Surviving the Emergency Room, Part 1: About Us and When to Come

When I’m not helping to run Precision Scribes, I am an emergency physician. For those who don’t work there, “The Emergency Room” is one of those semi-mythic places that inspires a bit of fear and awe. Open 24 hours a day and staffed with heroic doctors and nurses who can cure every ill. (That’s the perception, anyway.) It’s a place you hope you never have to go, but are…

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Medical Scribes are a Solution, Not a Symptom

The wider medical community is beginning to wake up to the benefits of medical scribes. Articles in The New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, and NPR are just the most recent evidence of this awakening. “With a scribe, I can think medically instead of clerically,” says Dr. Marian Bednar in the Times. “I am now seeing over 30% more patients per hour than my colleagues who are not…

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