Being a medical scribe means having to manage a torrent of information right at the bedside, completing the chart as the physician meets with the patient. But great scribes are more than information managers. The very best scribes play the role of aide-de-camp to the physician’s commanding general. It’s your job to take the burden of all non-medical tasks away from the physician so that their attention can stay focused where it belongs—on the patient.

Charts, prescriptions, test results, and more

As a medical scribe, you will shadow the physician during their shift, documenting everything about each patient visit in real time in the electronic medical record (EMR) system, making sure each chart is complete, accurate, and immediately available to the physician for review when they leave the exam room.

But as a part of Precision Scribes, you’ll also be five steps ahead of the doctor, proactively checking on things like lab tests, x-rays, MRIs, and prescriptions and bringing the status to the doctor’s attention before they even ask.

What you won’t be doing is anything medical in nature. Physicians and nurses handle that, while scribes stay focused on everything else.

A medical scribe holding a laptop
A medical scribe holding a laptop

The opportunity that I had to be a scribe throughout college put me leaps and bounds above the competition when it came time to apply for physician assistant school.
Laura F.
PA student at top 10 school

Like the world’s best paid internship

For pre-med students interested in a career in medicine, there truly is no better experience than being a medical scribe. You’ll be introduced to medicine in a real world environment, observing the situations of real patients, and watching physicians do their work as you do yours. Along the way, you’ll build a professional network that can pay off with med school recommendations down the road. By the end of your scribe experience, you’ll know whether medicine is something you really want to do.

We’re looking for a few great scribes

If you’re a smart, confident, passionate perfectionist who want to help medical teams run like well-oiled machines, we need to talk. Precision Scribes was started by a master scribe who wanted to create a company that hired and trained the very best. We champion scribes not as low-wage data-entry clerks, but as valued members of the modern medical team drawn from the next generation of physicians and nurses.

We don’t want to be the biggest. We want to be the best. Can you help us get there?

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