Surviving the Emergency Room: The 7 Part Guide

Dr. Jim Pagano, chief medical officer of Precision Scribes

Dr. Jim Pagano, CMO of Precision Scribes

When I’m not helping to run Precision Scribes, I am an emergency physician. Over 30 years of practice, I think I’ve seen everything that could possibly be seen in an emergency room. For me, a visit to the ER is routine; it’s my job. For you, it’s understandably a bit intimidating.

And so I’ve penned this “user’s guide” to the ER that tells you how to survive a trip to the emergency room, and get the most out of your trip with the least amount of pain and suffering for all involved. I hope you find it useful.

The Series

Dr. Jim Pagano, MD, FACEP, is the chief medical officer of Precision Scribes and has over thirty years of emergency medicine experience. He’s seen everything an emergency physician can see, and more than a few things they should not.