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Medical scribes: The newest member of the modern medical team

The practice of medicine becomes more challenging and technologically advanced each year, but increasingly those advances place demands on physicians and nurses that distract them from their patients. Physicians spend up to 30% of their time on documentation and other non-medical tasks. With our medical scribes, your physicians and nurses get that time back and can focus on the things only they can do while we handle the rest.

Let physicians practice medicine, not typing

No one goes to medical school to become a highly-paid data entry clerk. Too often, physicians spend a large percentage of their shift and significant time after hours doing documentation. Our medical scribes handle all non-medical tasks, allowing physicians to put their focus back on patients, resulting in increases in job satisfaction and quality of life.

How Medical Scribes Benefit Physicians

Medical scribes are a profit center
Medical scribes are a profit center

An investment, not a cost

Medical scribes begin paying off immediately. Real-time charting allows more patients to be seen per hour. More accurate and complete documentation increases RVUs per patient and chart levels. And greater physician time spent with patients leads, over the long run, to better care and improved outcomes. These improvements often add up to significant increases in revenue and profit, meaning scribes are a profit center, not a cost center. Scribes are one of the best investments you’ll ever make.

How Medical Scribes Benefit Administrators

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We’re not the biggest medical scribe company, and that’s okay with us. We’re not trying to be the biggest. We’re trying to be the best. And we want to work with hospitals and physicians who share our high standards and obsession to do things right. If that describes you, you’ve come to the right place.

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