How it Works
Our scribes are more than efficient typists. They are integral members of the healthcare team. Learn more about the level of assistance possible through our customizable scribe program.

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What We Offer
Precision Scribes is experienced in numerous healthcare settings and specialties, from Emergency Departments to private practices. We accommodate large hospitals or rural clinics. Explore the opportunities our program can afford you.

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Whether you are a physician looking for relief from administrative burdens or an administrator seeking a promising investment, contact us to discuss opportunities to improve workflow and save money.

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About Us

Established in 2012, Precision Scribes earnestly seeks to establish qualified medical scribes - who exemplify our high standards - as beneficial and reliable members of the healthcare team in all areas of medicine.

Why Scribes?

To offset physician loss of productivity
Implementing our medical scribe program serves to absorb many of the burdens that preclude physicians from focusing on medicine. When physicians are afforded the opportunity to see more patients with improved patient flow and leave their shift on-time, confident that the days’ charts are accurate and complete, everyone benefits.
Improve Documentation Quality

Our scribes are well-versed in preparing charts before patient visits, completing real-time documentation of the exam, and submitting for orders, labs, and tests. Our knowledgeable team not only uses appropriate documentation to combat downcoding, but can also manage preparation and completion of mandated documentation for things like Medicare and VATICA.

Opportunity to See More Patients
While we can’t create more patients for you to see, we do create the opportunity through coordinating patient flow more efficiently. By managing non-medical, indirect care tasks, scribes give back time to physicians to allocate to other valuable, more critical aspects of medicine, like seeing patients and performing procedures.
Invest in Scribes, See a Healthy ROI
Medical scribes begin paying off immediately. Real-time charting allows more patients to be seen per hour. More accurate and complete documentation increases RVUs per patient and chart levels. And greater physician time spent with patients leads, over the long run, to better care and improved outcomes. These improvements often add up to significant increases in revenue and profit, meaning scribes are a profit center, not a cost center.


Precision Scribes is responsible for finding, acquiring, scheduling, training, and managing talented scribes, promoting a more valuable healthcare experience for both patients and providers. Because our scribes are members of your healthcare team, we work with office managers, administrators, providers, and other staff to ensure that our scribes are trained in proper protocols, policies, and practices specific to their assigned facility.

We are motivated by our devotion to improving the healthcare experience for both physicians and patients, and preparing future providers through our scribe program.

Interested In Becoming a Medical Scribe?

Gain valuable experience as a student pursuing a career in the medical field.